Bernhard Announce New Partnership

Posted on January 29, 2015 at 12:00 PM

Bernhard is very excited to announce their new partnership with American based company, SubAir Systems.

SubAir produces sophisticated aeration, moisture removal and root zone temperature control systems for natural sports surfaces.

International Sales Manager, Steve Nixon said, “This is the perfect partnership for Bernhard and we are delighted with it for several reasons. Plant health is at the very heart of our business, so to extend our ‘above the ground’ care, to ‘below the ground’ makes perfect sense. Together we are taking care of the most common issues to groundsmen and greenkeepers - too much water, too little air and unhealthy turf. 

In effect, we can now control 2 of the 3 elements that the plant needs for healthy growth.”

Bernhard will look after sales, care maintenance and after-sales support in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. SubAir will continue to design and manufacture the systems and together we will work closely to share the installation and maintenance.

Steve continued, “We are perfectly set up for this marriage with our long history of hands-on customer care, our devoted sales and training teams and our knowledge of turf health.”

Kevin Crowe, Agronomist and Senior Vice President of SubAir Systems said, “This is an exciting move for us to be joining a company with such a strong, world-wide reputation as Bernhard.  With their help and support and our combined energy and wisdom, we expect to grow our profile in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa and promote improved agronomic health and growing conditions to all of these regions.”

Many of the US’s top professional sports pitches already use the SubAir systems and enjoy the benefits and peace of mind of taking control of their playing surfaces. Gleneagles, and Locomotiv in Moscow are the most recent European clubs to install the system.  

Executive Chairman, Stephen Bernhard said, “This is an exciting time for us and we are privileged to be working with Kevin and his team. We are both companies who pride ourselves on personal attention to customer service and we are confident that we can incorporate SubAir comfortably alongside Bernhard Grinders to produce a total health care environment.”

Kevin has been involved with SubAir for over 11 years, after a career in the sports turf and golf industries. He spent two years in Florida where he built and grew-in two golf courses. He spent 7 years working for Marsh Benson at Augusta National Golf Club and was present during the development of SubAir.

During that time he saw the benefits of the system and together with his technical understanding and his agronomic experience, was the ideal person to join SubAir in the early days of the business. He has worked on installations in golf courses and stadiums in more than 50 countries round the world.